Metals CPA

We Understand the Challenges of the Metals Industry

Cornwell Jackson’s width and breadth of experience in the metals industry accounting ranges from the mid-sized Texas metal fabricators that are pushing out trailers and I-beam construction to build to suits large manufacturers providing large production runs for OEMs. This experience includes working with one of the largest architectural metals distribution companies in North America as well as one of the fastest growing precious metal refining companies in the country.

From this experience, we understand the challenges of the metals industry, including the large capital expenditures required to compete, the economic swings from nickel alloy pricing and the vagaries of large mill supply and demand, import pricing, the impact of LIFO both good and bad on current profitability and inventory levels, and the impact current legislation (including the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) can have on your workforce costs in the future. We also have a network of alliances and market makers that provide an active presence in the metals space and are actively acquiring or marketing companies in the metals industry.

We have put together a unique set of professionals inside the firm and an alliance of service providers outside to enable us to provide you with unmatched services to the metals industry in DFW, North Texas and a four-state region. If your accounting firm isn’t an advisor to your management team, and they’ve become more about reports than true service to you and your industry, give our team a call at (972) 202-8000.

Metals CPA Client Experience:

  • Stainless/carbon – plate, coiled, bar distributors
  • Processors – slitting, shearing, stamping
  • Metal service centers
  • Fabricators
  • Tubular producers and distributors
  • Precious metal refining
  • Iron and ornamental iron distributors
  • Aluminum distributors/slitters
  • Metals industry service providers

Tax Strategy Alliance Partners

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Contact our Metals Specialist

Call us to arrange an appointment: 972-202-8000 or email us using the links below.

Gary Jackson, Tax Partner

Gary joined Cornwell Jackson in 1983 and is a Tax and Consulting partner in Cornwell Jackson’s tax practice. View our Blog [/su_column] [su_column class="widget"]

Client Testimonial

"Cornwell Jackson over the past 20 years has helped our company with expansions into new marketing, management of rapid growth, negotiations with lenders, implementation of tax strategies inside our business, including LIFO, cost segregation and entity formation. They are an active advocate and advisor to our business as well as providing the technical support and advice we need from our accounting firm. We appreciate them for going that extra mile that quite frankly has become a rare commodity today"

-Eddie King, King Architectural Metals