Advisory Services

Smart Money Advise for Growing Companies

Cornwell Jackson’s advisory services are delivered by industry central teams consisting of one to three professionals assigned to a client to assist with implementation of growth projects to get your company to the next level.

Advisory Services Include:

  • Capital, Lending Sourcing and package developmentAdvisory and Succession Planning Services
  • Product profitability analysis and break-even analysis
  • Cash flow analysis and projections
  • Business plan development
  • Legal structure analysis and changes to accommodate growth
  • CEO coaching
  • Business plan accountability coaching
  • Strengths evaluation of financial team
  • Peer group – industry benchmarking

Business Succession and Mergers & Acquisition Services

Our Advisory ServicAdvisory Services, Accounting, CPAes succession and M&A help middle-market business owners and their families assess their company’s value and market position, identify internal strengths and weaknesses, and engage in discussions with the ownership group on valuation, management team capabilities, family issues, and realistic assessment of an exit alternative.

We deploy expert advisors and alliances gained from 35 years of experience to guide our clients through various forms of mergers and acquisitions and exit transactions, including tax structure and planning as well as practical real-world advice on “deal points” typically encountered in an acquisition transaction. . With a wealth of dynamic acquisition and exit strategies and tactics at our fingertips, Cornwell Jackson facilitates seamless transitions geared toward acquiring the right target and, if an exit, extracting the most after-tax value.

  • Assessment of optimum exit plan
  • Development of strategy and initial value
  • Address transaction readiness issues
  • Coordinate and address family business issues
  • Coordination of due Diligence
  • Legal and Structure Advisory
  • Net Realized Analysis

A former certified valuation analyst, Gary Jackson, our Tax and Consulting Partner, is a member of the Association for Corporate Growth and the Alliance of Mergers and Acquisition Advisors and actively forges alliances with Private Equity and other capital sources that fund markets for industries served by our clients.

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