Business Tax Compliance and Consulting

Our Tax Team Works Diligently to Minimize Your Tax Burden.

Complex tax laws can turn your dreams of financial independence into a nightmare of complicated paperwork. Seemingly every aspect of life, both business and personal, carries a different tax implication.

At Cornwell Jackson, our tax team works diligently to minimize your tax burden. Our unique combination of taxation experts, positive attitude and a whatever-it-takes mentality result in tax solutions and services tailor-made to fit your specific needs and goals.

Corporate and Business tax services include:

  • Transaction consulting
  • Federal tax services
  • State and local tax services
  • Wealth planning
  • Tax planning and research
  • Building goals into tax planning for estate and succession plans

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Understand Your Social Security Retirement Benefits

For years, people have questioned the viability of the Social Security system going forward. In July, the Social Security Board of Trustees released its annual report on the long-term financial status of the Social Security Trust Funds. The report projects that the combined asset reserves of the Old-Age, Survivors and Disability Insurance (OASDI) Trust Funds will … Continue reading Understand Your Social Security Retirement Benefits

Revenue Recognition for Contracts: Changes Coming Soon

Revenue is the top line of your company’s income statement. So, it tends to receive a lot of attention from investors, lenders and other stakeholders. Why? Changes in revenue can tell whether your company is growing or declining. Moreover, changes in the composition of revenue can provide insight into your strategic plans. If your company enters … Continue reading Revenue Recognition for Contracts: Changes Coming Soon

Casualty and Theft Losses: Find the Silver Lining

We’re in the midst of hurricane season now, but the eastern and southern shores aren’t the only parts of the country at risk for catastrophic events. Mudslides, earthquakes and wildfires often plague the West Coast, tornadoes may touch down across the Great Plains and Midwest, and low-lying areas near rivers and tributaries across the country are … Continue reading Casualty and Theft Losses: Find the Silver Lining

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Gary Jackson, Tax Partner

Gary joined Cornwell Jackson in 1983 and is a Tax and Consulting partner in Cornwell Jackson’s tax practice.

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Client Testimonials

“On behalf of Tom McCabe and all of us at KMA, I would like to express appreciation for the value that the firm of Cornwell Jackson brings to KMA. When KMA decided to engage a local CPA firm after years of frustration with the inattention of a Big Four firm, I recall having told you that ‘KMA is intent on finding a CPA firm that will make a commitment to truly understand out business and add value by providing counsel in the area of business planning, finance, and tax strategy.’ I also recall telling you ‘we need more than just a three paragraph report from our CPA.’

Cornwell Jackson not only delivered on their promises, but also have exceeded our expectations. We got the trusted business advisor that we wanted, but we also found the relentless advocate that we desperately needed. Thanks again for contributing so much to KMA’s success.”

-Bob Schaffhauser, Chief Financial Officer, KMA