The National Law Journal’s Survey of Law Firm Economics, 2018 Edition (based on 2017 data) is one of the most comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date set of economic statistics and financial data available for the legal profession. This year’s survey contains information from 3,434 lawyers at 250 U.S. law firms. In its 46th year, the survey remains an invaluable tool for managers at law firms.

To be a useful tool, the survey must provide the relevant information required by the law firm managers. ALM Legal Intelligence partners with the International Paralegal Management Association each year to develop and publish a more comprehensive tool for managing paralegal positions. If you are interested in paralegal data, please contact ALM Legal Intelligence for product information and pricing.

ALM Legal Intelligence is committed to meeting the information needs of the legal profession and, as such, invites you as a purchaser and/or participant to call or write us with your candid critique, suggestions and questions. The survey will continue to improve only through our ability to understand your evolving needs for information.

Download the Survey here: 2018 Survey of Law Firm Economics