Dawn began her career as a Staff Accountant at American Pioneer Savings and Loan in Orlando, FL where she was tasked with collecting over $10mm in outstanding P&I.  While the company’s external auditors wanted to write off the balance, within a year Dawn had collected every dollar owed. After two years of hard work, she was promoted to Financial Reporting Manager where she compiled and rolled twenty-six subsidiaries for preparation of the 10Q and 10K.

When she and her husband moved to Pittsburgh, PA she began working at a regional department store, The Joseph Horne Company, whose flagship store was 7 stories of merchandise.  Dawn’s husband joked that she didn’t actually get a paycheck there as she spent so much money, however Dawn argues that with the executive discount, they’re practically giving it away. At Joseph Horne Company, she started out as a Senior Accountant preparing financial reports but was eventually promoted to Tax Reporting Manager.  After becoming a mom, she went to work for a local CPA where she managed the outsourced accounting practice.  Shortly after accepting this position, she was hired as the Controller for United Way agency where she gained her first experience in grant writing and non-profit accounting.  Dawn’s wealth of experience, diligence, and apt client service has served the firm abundantly in the short time she has been on the CJ team.

Over the years, her family has moved across the country,  to Florida then to North Carolina, back to Florida and finally to Dallas. During this time, I volunteered extensively at her children’s’ school.  She also served was the treasurer for the PTA, booster clubs and tennis teams.

Things to know about Dawn:

  • She has 2 children, Tyler age 22 and Becca age 18, both of whom will be Oklahoma State University in the Fall
  • Her husband is also an accountant, although he has been in cost accounting his whole career while Dawn has been in Financial accounting
  • In a span of 6 years, her family moved 4 times to 4 different states
  • When she began working, Lotus 1A was the only spreadsheet available